My family liked playing board games and card games before Covi-19.  If you check out our collection, we have over 20 games available to choose from.  They range from  "Guess Who" to "The Lord of the Rings Stratego" and everything in between.

We have three versions of Monopoly, but we all know you don't start that game unless you have plenty of time to finish it.  Every family has that one member that always seems to win.  Spoiler alert - it's not me.
Family game night starts out pleasant enough.  It usually involved a snack or two and all of us gathered around the table.  Someone, at some point there is tension and a few random insultates thrown around.  My step-daughter and her husband have just started playing Catan again because before they were pretty convinced their marriage would be in jeopardy if they continued playing.
If you haven't played Catan, it's a unique game that I've come to enjoy.  It's strategic, has some luck involved and you can ruin the other person's chances of winning with just a couple of moves.
We also recently started playing "Survive - Escape from Atlantis".  We just call it death.  The sharks, whales and whirlpools with the finale being a volcano makes for a raucous night and much laughter.
The family always makes it a point to take board games along with us when we go camping.  It's great to sit around the fire playing Scattergories or enjoying a rousing game of Apples to Apples.
Even with all of our options, I'm convinced we have many more board and card games to still discover.  What about you?  What's your favorite board or card game?
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