I'm sure this will sound super strange to most people, however this is something I have struggled with for as along as I can remember.

It doesn't matter what I am eating the crunch ratio needs to be spot on. I prefer my chicken tenders thin and extra crispy. If I'm eating a salad there needs to be either croutons or tortilla chips,even my Ice cream needs to be in a cone because if I don't hear or feel some type of crunching while eating I cannot force myself to eat it.

That brings me to another point, I have always been a picky eater but I really never saw it that way. Being a Mom myself I totally feel for my kids when they say "I don't like what we are having". I was ' key word here' the mom that would make my kids each their own separate meals, if they didn't like what we were having for dinner. I learned really quickly that I was being taken advantage of by my own children.. Now if they don't like what I am making they can make their own dinner. LOL

Also, lets be real here for a quick minute.. I will plan and pick out what dinner is going to be, cook dinner and remember now its something I personally wanted and when it comes time to eat, I no longer want it. If I'm not feeling it I just cannot make myself eat it, I'd just rather not eat.. LOL

Does anyone else struggle with food sensory and need that perfect ratio? Please message me, either through the APP or on our facebook page and let me know that I'm not totally crazy or alone on this one.

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