If you haven't checked out Central Maine's newest adult adventure, Drip City Arcade Bar, you're missing out.

Drip City, located in the old Joseph's Fireside Steakhouse location in Waterville, is a 21+ arcade and bar.  They've got a bunch of classic games, pinball, skee-ball, and more.  Plus, they have some really cool video game themed cocktails.

This is a 21+ bar and arcade, but it looks like that's about to change, for one night a week anyways.  According to a Facebook post made by Drip City Arcade Bar, they will be offering Teen Night Tuesdays from 3 -10 pm for those ages 13+.

And, a little bonus, those who attend Teen Night Tuesdays will get 15% off their bill if they post a selfie to social media and tag Drip City Arcade Bar.

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