Technology equals progress but sometimes the old way of doing things is better. For example, drive-in movie theaters, they certainly aren't high tech but they were fun! I have fond childhood memories of quality family time at the Auburn Drive-In in Auburn, Maine.

You'd pull the car into the drive-in and angle in on that mound of dirt then attach the metal speaker to your car window. Most drive-in theaters also have a playground area with swings and see-saws and then there was the food shack. It made going to the movies a family event.

The first drive-in movie theater in Maine was the Saco Drive-In which opened in July 1939 and is still one of only five drive-in theaters in Maine that are still operating.

At it's peak, Maine had 39 drive-in movie theaters, with now 87 percent being closed.

Here are the Drive-In Movie Theaters that are still operating in Maine:

When was the last time you went to a Drive-In?



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