I would like to start by saying a great big Thank You to Sarah and Dave at the Skowhegan Drive-in for inviting us to greet all the country music-loving guests that came out to see the Garth Brooks Encore Live performance. Also, a big thanks for sending us two carload passes for us to give away to our amazing listeners.


Kristi Drive-in 2

Wow, what a turn out it was. Vehicles were lined up at the entrance long before the gates had set to open at 7:00 pm; some were there as early at 4:00 pm to make sure they got the best parking spot for the show. The line of cars was seemingly never-ending, so long you couldn't even see the end, and it was after 9:30 pm when the last and final car was parked.

It was great seeing so many people excited to participate in live events and get back to socializing at a distance, of course. I saw couples enjoying a date night alone, just the two of them, several groups of ladies enjoying "ladies night," and my favorite thing of all was the carloads of families out making memories and enjoying a wholesome night out of the house.


Kristi Drive-in 4

If you've never made it to the Skowhegan Drive-in I highly recommend it, not only do you get to throw yourself in a time capsule and enjoy a movie (or concert) from the luxury of your vehicle, they have a snack bar too. No movie or concert night should be without the necessities like Popcorn, Candy, Nachos, or Drinks and they have it ALL!

I am speechless and just blown away by the Skowhegan Drive-in, and their hospitality, anything I needed or could have needed, they made sure I had it. I cant wait to see what other virtual concerts come to the Skowhegan Drive-in, working or not; I'll be there.


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