While the pre-Christmas storm did not do as much damage here in Maine as it did in other places, thousands of Mainers are still dealing with damage to their homes caused by the fierce winds and heavy rain that fell on Maine on December 22nd and December 23rd.

Unfortunately, some people are finding that the damage done to their houses and property may not be covered by their insurance.

Thunderstorm with lightning bolts and dark, dramatic clouds over a field.

If that's you, there is good news.

According to WGME, you should file a damage assessment with the state if you are dealing with damage to your home or business that is not covered by your insurance.  This can include damage from flooding, damage from falling trees, and loss of personal food or merchandise due to refrigeration failure.  You should also file a damage assessment if your personal or business vehicle was damaged in the storm.

In order to request assistance, the assessment form needs to be completed, scanned, and sent by January 2nd, 2023.

Get the form HERE

Find your county's FEMA rep HERE

Obviously, there is no guarrantee that people will get assistance, but it is worth submitting the paperwork.

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