With the New Year, many of us are trying to get healthier. Many will join gyms and try a new diet. How many diets have you tried only to have some success than gain back the weight. Well, I saw this plan called 'Zero Belly' and I think I might just give this a try and I wanted to share more about 'Zero Belly' with you.

'Zero Belly' has an approach of reducing inflammation, end bloating and to turn off your fat-storage genes.

'Zero Belly' is based on nutritional genetics, a study of how certain foods trigger our fat genes to turn on, or off.

In a study done early last year to test the 'Zero Belly program, the average person lost 4 inches off their waist in just six weeks.

There are three ways 'Zero Belly' works:

1. It reduces bloating by cutting down on excess salt, dairy and artificial sweeteners.
2. It heals your gut by feeding the 'good' microbes in your belly. A balanced gut reduces inflammation and helps turn off your fat genes.
3. It turbocharges your metabolism with lean protein, healthy fats and quality fiber.

Here are nine 'key foods' in the 'zero belly' program:

1. 'Zero Belly Drinks': Drinks that are plant-based smoothies that include protein, healthy fat, and fiber and contain resveratrol. Resveratol are found in red fruits, peanut butter and dark chocolate.
2. Eggs: Choline in eggs are believed to turn off the genes for visceral fat gain.
3. Red Fruits: Fruits like apples are great in helping turn off obesity genes.
4. Olive Oil and other healthy fats: That can help you control hunger for up to four hours.
5. Beans, rice, oats and other quality fibers: It works with your gut bacteria to turn off genes for diabetes.
6. Extra Plant Protein: Soy, split peas, nuts.
7. Lean Meats: That helps keep your metabolism high. Skinless chicken, lean beef (look for 'loin' or 'round' in the name)
8. Leafy Greens, Green tea and Bright Veggies: They help reduce inflammation and help turn off fat-storage genes.
9. Spices: Cinnamon, ginger and dark chocolate can reduce inflammation and attack your fat genes.

We'll be talking with Craig Cameron, a trainer at the KV YMCA, and he'll give us tips on starting a workout program!