Experts from a national research group studying health related behavior in the U.S. say we can expect certain health trends in 2013. Some of the top health and wellness trends we’ll see looking ahead are more gluten-free products on the market and less food waste. With heath care costs expected to rise  7% this year, more and more work places will put a premium on work place health. Some companies may pay for some or all of gym memberships for employees, or groups of workers getting on diet programs.

Experts also say one of Americas favorite past times, ‘snacking’ will continue but with healthier snacks and more ‘mini meals.’ Another thing on the rise for the health conscious in 2013 will be mainstream Veganism or meatless eating. With more and more Hollywood types and athletes making the switch it already has become more popular and with the increase in the amount of Vegan food on the market it’s becoming easier to go meatless. All in all the findings show more people want to improve their health so eating healthy and exercising will make a big splash in 2013.

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