Some may say that the era of switching is over. People have made their choice and are happy with their ecosystems and don't see much if any value in switching anymore. Let's be real, we have had 20+ years to embrace either Android or Apple. Most people stick with what they know....until they have a reason for making a switch to the other side. For me it was peer pressure to join the rest of my family in the choice for team iPhone.

I'd seen other people switching all the time. A hot new  hits the market, some new must have feature emerges, cameras, don't even get me started on cameras. Bottomline, something happens and people are still making the change and, I'm guessing, even more are still thinking about it.

Problem number one, only Apple makes iPhones with Android, you have a bunch of different phones and manufacturers to choose from. If you want to go basic, you can, if you want to go over the top, you can. There are waterfall displays and USB-C ports and some are even still sporting headphone jacks (oh my), fingerprint scanners, and display time always on...that one weighed in pretty heavy on my journey back on my knees.

Sorry Apple, you simply don't match that, although you do have a great cameras, and feel sturdy but for me...iPhone simply can't and won't match. That is a problem, everything matching, all the time. Where is the originality, where is the customization?

With Android, you can change up the look of almost anything and everything. Get a third-party launcher, add new , basically do whatever you want, whenever and however you want. THAT has appeal to me.

Sorry iPhone, maybe next time, err probably not.

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