Gardiners Ambulance Service is hoping to expand to address the revenue gap of over a quarter million dollars, which paid by the other communities it serves would still like to make some adjustments to serve all better and more efficiently. According to a report in the Kennebec Journal, the Gardiner Fire Chief, Richard Sieberg will be making his recommendation known to the Gardiner City Council.

Currently Gardiner's Ambulance Service offers support to 7 surrounding towns in addition to Gardiner, a total of about 173 square miles.

Four different proposals will be presented for consideration ranging from staffing a third ambulance in Richmond, which would also add eight job openings. There is also talk of staffing a fly car, which is an emergency response vehicle that can respond to medical situations but can't transport people. This "fly car" option could be for Richmond or Gardiner. Of course there is the option of making no changes but the question of how long that is sustainable will come in to play before long.

Over all the fire chief said there just seems to be more calls and that will have to be addressed on some level. As far as getting all the towns on board to offer support for any of the options could prove to be a challenge in and of itself, but the ball is rolling, where it stops remains to be seen.

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