This is the fourth time we have partnered with the KVYMCA with their 'Lose It With the Y' program. It's the end of the third week and today is our third weigh-in. Our trainer Alicia Rice is amazing! Not only does she come up with something different every week for us to do, but she does it with a smile! She is definitely a motivator!

That's what I like! A trainer who is excited to see us and wants to see us succeed! Many times people do the same routine over and over again and they become bored with it and tend to stop altogether. The key is to switch it up!

Personally, I love working out when I'm with people. Taking different classes whether it be the Master Blast class taught by Trish Hanley-Goodwin on the Manchester Campus, a spinning class taught by our trainer Alicia, or if you like to swim, how about Aqua Zumba? They also have many personal trainers that will be willing to work with you to help you reach your personal goals. There are so many different things you can try and that's what's great about the KVYMCA!

While our weight loss may not be 20 pounds a week like some other teams, we are each taking the steps to be healthier and happier! I know when I fit into those jeans hanging up in my closet, I know I'll be happier! Change takes time. It was hard to change my habit of getting a York Peppermint Patty every time I stopped for gas. I figured, well, it's 40% less fat and it tastes so good! Other things can take the place of it and be healthier for you with less fat or even no fat at all!

Listen for the 'Y Healthy Tip 'o the Week' every Friday on the 'Morning Buzz' and get fit with the KVYMCA and B98.5!