Tonight I had a chance to hang out and catch up with one of my long-time friends, Christina, and I've gotta say it was exactly what I've been needing. Christina has been one of my very best friends throughout the years, and even though she moved away shortly after we graduated, we still have managed to stay in contact.

I think it hits me every time I spend time with her just how important it is to cherish those friendships that don't fade out over time. The ones that start when you're 15 and in high school but last through the hardest and best parts of life. She's been by my side through some pretty important things in life, from my very first pageant (where we met) to my date for junior prom, my wedding, a total of 4 baby showers, my first trip to Texas, and so many things in between.

We both have lives, kids, and careers, plus we live in totally different parts of the country, but we try and catch up anytime she is back in Maine. Sadly our schedules don't always line up, and the last time we caught up was in 2017. So, when I say catching up was long overdue, I mean it.

If you have an amazing friendship like this one in your life, please make sure you cherish every part of it. Take time and enjoy their company no matter how long it's been or where your paths have taken you. Good friendships are hard to find, and GREAT friendships are almost nonexistent.


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