According to News Center Maine, Hannaford is working with Agri-Cycle, in hopes that leftover food waste stops ending up in landfills.  Agri-Cycle is a Scarborough-based food waste recycling company that turns foods that are no longer good for human & animal consumption into energy.


“The health and well-being of our planet are a top priority for all of us at Hannaford and we recognize that our role in the food supply chain comes with great responsibility,” Mike Vail, president of Hannaford, said. “The impact food waste has on our environment cannot be overstated. When we first established this goal, it was with the greater purpose of making a real and positive impact on our communities. Eliminating hunger and food waste are essential to improving the world we live in.” - Hannaford


Hannaford will now be sending any foods from its 183 stores that are not donatable or fit for consumption to Agri-Cycle. Hannaford will also be making food waste donations to help out local farmers with animal feed.


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