Now I don't know about you but, stealing is a crime that absolutely disgusts me. For the most part I would give just about anyone the shirt off my back, or if someone really wanted something, I'd help them plan on how to obtain it...legally of course, so when I get news of someone getting ripped off, it really ticks me off.

According to a Facebook post by Molli Bennett, sometimes between last night at 10pm, and this morning at 10am a travel trailer of hers and her husband, who happens to be a police officer was stolen right off the Union Fair Grounds.

Here is a picture of the stolen camper:


They observed that who ever took it dragged it through the mud and it may be muddy and slightly damaged. The License plate attached to the trailer is B617983.

It has been reported stolen and if you see it, please contact the Knox County Sheriffs Office with any information.

Also please share this info with anyone you know that may live or travels through the area of Union, although at this point it may be seen anywhere.

Thanks you for your assistance, it really is all about neighbors, helping neighbors.

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