According to a Facebook event made by Healthy Communities of the Capital Area, the annual HCCA Be the Seed Fundraiser is happening now. The Be the Seed fundraiser is a super neat way to raise money, all while having the chance to win prizes. Some of the prizes include Hannaford gift card passes to the KV YMCA, a Gardening basket, Target gift cards, framed drawings, and more.

Each calendar purchased from the Be, the Seed fundraiser, goes towards helping support programs offered through Healthy Communities of the Captial Area. Starting in June, a winner will be drawn and announced via social media every weekday and once a week they will list all the winners on their website.

Calendars will be available to purchase from May 14th thru May 31st, 2021. Due to certain rules and regulations, this fundraiser is only for those aged 18 and older. Calendars are $10 each.



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