With Friday being my last day, I wanted to go out the way an employee of B98.5 would want to:

By giving back to the community.

I want to help the Pine Tree Camp one last time...but I can't do it without YOUR HELP!

PLEASE stop by Lisa's Restaurant on Bangor Street in Augusta between 6am and 9am and make your donation. We want to send a child to Pine Tree Camp. It costs $1900 and we want you to help!

I LOVE children...as if you didn't know by how much I talk about Anderson, Bradley and Jayden! Children deserve to play and have fun in the Summer sun and the children that go to Pine Tree Camp just LOVE it! Make a child's Summer FANTASTIC with YOUR donation!

You can stop by and drop off your donation THIS FRIDAY at Lisa's Restaurant! You can also donate to the Pine Tree Camp using a credit card, right here!

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