I hate to bitch about things that seem so silly and pedantic but sometimes I can't help myself. I was driving home yesterday (Wednesday) at about 12noon and encountered some severely slow moving traffic as I merged on to Memorial Bridge headed East. It's not atypical to encounter some slow moving traffic around lunch time in the capitol, but this seemed excessively slow.

As it turns out, there was a streetsweeper moving at a snails pace in the Eastbound lane. As I was considering popping out and going around it I noticed a monster line of traffic coming the other way in the Westbound lane! That's because there was a SECOND streetsweeper coming the other way, complete with it's own line of slowed-up cars behind it.

I know that city officials have very important jobs to do, I totally understand that. They are the backbones behind our local infrastructure- but what in the world would possess them to tie up BOTH lanes of traffic in the city at lunch hour on a weekday?! They do all the winter snow removal at night during the winter, why aren't they doing the sweeping at night?

Can I come drive a streetsweeper

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