It happened early Sunday morning, May 24.  A house fire in Gardiner. No one was hurt in the fire but the house that was in that fire has been deemed a total loss.

That house that burned wasn't just any house. It was a house that was filled with memories, memories of hundreds of people that have passed through it's halls, kitchen and bedrooms. You see, that house belonged to Barbara Veregee, a woman who has spent the better part of her life fostering children, over 200 children, not to mention the ten children that she has adopted, and three biological that she has raised in the walls of that home over the years.

According to a report by from WCSH-TV,  "One of Barbara's adopted daughters, says when she was growing up, she considered the home a safe haven.


One of Barbara's three biological children, Julie Phipps, says the family is focusing on getting their mother shelter and other basic necessities.

"Right now, we're focused on getting her someplace to live. Right now, she has nothing. She's lost everything,"

There is currently a Facebook fundraiser, started by several of Barbra's children if you would like to help out.

The fundraising page says "If you know a Veregge I am sure you have at LEAST one memory in this home. If you grew up in it, like so many of us did, our memories are endless and all that we will have left of our childhood home.

Our mother spent her life dedicated to children. She would provide a safe home for children within the foster care system, and for so many individuals and families afterwards. This woman would give you the sweater off her back, and her shoes if you said you didn't have any. If you know Barbara, you know that there is every bit of truth behind this.

Any donations would be a great blessing. Please help us get her and the kids back on their feet."

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