During the morning show this morning, my phone rang, and the caller ID stated that it was my husband, Stephen. Now I receive calls from him regularly throughout my day, but calling me was very unlike him during the morning show.

Thankfully, I had a few free minutes and was able to take the call. I'm the girl that reads people pretty well so. I could tell something was wrong by his tone. I mean, when you're with someone long enough, that tends to happen.

So, what was the call all about?

Apparently, he found a loose lug nut just hanging out in our driveway. And, not only was it in our driveway, it was in the place I always tend to park. Of course, this worried him, and he was fearful that I might be driving around unsafely. I stopped what I was doing and ran to the parking lot to make sure because clearly, I didn't want to drive an unsafe vehicle around.

The good news, it wasn't from my vehicle... The bad news, we have no idea which is now missing a lug nut from their vehicles. So, if you've been to my house in the past few weeks and you're missing a lug nut, I have it!

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