What is a Scaphoid Bone?

The Scaphoid Bone is one of the several Carpal bones in your wrist and thumb. The Scaphoid Bone's job is to stabilize the wrist and offer a wide range of motion in the thumb and wrist.

Why does the Scaphoid Bone take so long to heal?

The Scaphoid Bone doesn't heal quickly due to the low blood flow that the bone receives in general; because of this, the bone often tries to heal as two separate bones.

Do you need surgery if you break your Scaphoid Bone?

Although surgery on a Broken Scaphoid is not always required, it is almost always suggested because it often tries to heal as two separate bones. Scaphoid surgery requires a pin placed in the bone to keep it stable as it heals.

Now how do I know all this lovely stuff about this kidney bean-shaped bone?

You see, back in May, my husband broke his Scaphoid Bone while skateboarding with our son. After 13 and a half weeks, several appointments, X-rays, CT Scans, and 2 very yucky hard casts, this journey still isn't over.

Unfortunately, Stephen's broken bone is not going to heal on its own and will require surgery. To be super honest, though, I'm ready for the surgery and this to be over.

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