How amazing is this check? Not only the amount but the size of it!

big check

When Jeff Goff of Fast Eddie's Express presented us with this HUGE donation, we all cried. It was almost like an out-of-body experience, you know, the ones where you're unsure of what's happening but you know it's good. Not only was this the BIGGEST check that Fast Eddie's has donated, but It was also literally the BIGGEST check I'd ever seen.

I was so taken back by its size in both the amount and the actual size needed to get my hands on it. I have never felt more like a contest on The Price Is Right than I did holding it. Clearly, nothing about that check was for me, but to see it and hold it and know that this "little" check will feed so many people in Central Maine was like I won the showcase.

It's all thanks to Fast Eddie's Express and every person who went through the haunted carwash they put on for Halloween. No way we could have achieved this donation without them or you.

A big thank you goes to Jeff and the Fast Eddies Crew for going above and beyond!


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