As we wrap up day two of the 5th annual "Camp Out Hunger," the largest food drive in Central Maine, your unwavering support has truly been exceptional.

Your contributions are instrumental in helping to address the issue of hunger in our local community. It is of paramount importance to continue helping feed our fellow Mainers who are in need and that is why we camp out at the Sam's Club Parking lot year after year for a full week, broadcasting live on-air, to get the word out.

Keith Davis
Photo by: Keith Davis L to R Letty, Lizzy, Matt

Day two was amazing and so many moments brought us to tears but one in particular really tugged at our heart strings. A young girl, named Letty who is 4 years old donated on Day 1 and then insisted to her grandmother that she come and continue to donate on Day 2. So, little Letty came back with more donations and the light in her eyes and her willingness to help remind us all what the spirit of giving is.

Like Whitney famously sang, "Children are our future," and they are. The fact that this young 4 year old came twice because she believes in the power of giving at such a young age gives me hope that one day, no one will be hunger in Maine.

Thank you to all of the other amazing community members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses who showed up on Day Two to offer their donations to help us fill our 18-wheeler.

We will get this done because we have to and we will not rest until that truck is full.

Take a look at our Camp Out Hunger Day Two photos below!

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