Did you ever wonder how dog and cat food manufactures know their food tastes good? They can’t trust dogs because they will eat practically anything. They depend on humans to determine if the dog or cat food tastes good. It’s one of those jobs you may not have known about, but it's out there.

The pay for a dog or cat food taster isn’t bad, between 37 to 117K a year. The tasters don’t have to eat dog food everyday but when they do they have to eat, smell and check the texture of the food. Nutrition is important when talking about dog food but so is smell because homeowners don’t want their house stinking like dog food.

To become a food taster you have to be able to think outside the box, give constructive feedback and improve the product in preparation for it to be sold. When you taste the dog or cat food you have to chew it for a period of time to get the full taste of it but you are not required to swallow it.