My household is ruled by two cats: DJ Catfood and Dobby.

DJ Catfood is older (about 16) and he is very chill.  He spends most of his day eating, sleeping, and watching TV.  He is kind of like a real life version of Garfield.  If you are wondering about the name he was named by my son.  When PJ was 4 we heard him scream from the backseat of the car "DJ Catfood is in the HOUSE!"  After that, it was decided that any cat we got needed to be named DJ Catfood.

Then there's Dobby.  He is young (about 2) and crazy.  Like any young cat, he is all about climbing and getting into things.  He has been known to gallop up and down the stairs, turn lights on by jumping up and whacking light switches, and hiding under furniture so he can ambush us when we walk by.

For the last few weeks, we have been finding Q-tip cotton swabs all over the floor.  Not piles of them.  Just a random swab here or there.  Even though we suspected it might be Dobby, we had no idea where he was getting them.

Over the weekend, the mystery was solved!  I walked into the bathroom and found the following scene:

@djcooperfox #catsoftiktok #pets #petsoftiktok #207 #maine ♬ Oh Yeah - Ferris Bueller

Watching him do this makes me wonder how many other "mysteries" in my house were caused by him.  For example, a few days ago, I sat down on the couch to watch TV.  I picked up the remote and noticed that it no longer worked and that it felt kind of light.  Why was it light?  Because it had no batteries in it!  The really strange part was that, just a few hours earlier, I had used that remote to watch TV.  No one else had been in the house since then...  Just me.  My theory is that he somehow opened the battery compartment, took them out, and made them disappear.  I just hope he did not eat them!

So, what strange things do your cats or dogs do?  Let us know by sending us a message through our app.

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