I DID IT!! I DID IT!! I can't believe it went by so fast!

The Rise 'N Shine 5K Road Race was really over before it began. As we waited at the Walgreens on the opposite side of the circle from Kennebec Savings Bank, we were all cold. Some were stretching, some looping the rotary to prepare. Me, I was just trying to stay warm. It was 38 degrees. Then the airhorn went off!

Going down the hill by the fire station, I was able to pass a few people, which really surprised me. They said to save your energy to come back UP the hill at the end. The Kennebec Rail Trail is very flat, thank goodness! What was nice was the lady in front of me. We were running the same pace so I followed her the entire way back to the finish line.

At the 1 mile mark, Rob Peekins, the aquatics director for the KVYMCA, was at the 1 mile mark and shouted my time 10:23! WOW! My second mile was clocked at 23: 45. I was walking a little by that point. Then, I had to face the hill! I walked for about 40 feet and turned the corner. I stood and looked at it for a second and the volunteer half way up  shouted "COME ON!! YOU CAN DO IT!" Well, that's all it took. Motivation goes a long, long way. I ran that hill! The people at the top were excited for me! I felt so good! The finish line was in sight and I booked it! I saw the clock and I want to beat 36:15. I did it by one second!

I wasn't the fastest. In fact, the fastest woman in my age group ran the race in 21:26, a full 15 minutes faster. But it didn't matter. I FINISHED! And I finished 13 minutes FASTER than the last 5K I did! I helped raise money for the scholarships that are given to children so they can attend the KVYMCA. 37 minutes out of my life is a small thing to do to help others.  I can't wait for next year!

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