Most of us have spent at least a night or two partying in Hallowell.  It is the quintessential Central Maine bucket list item.  Wandering up and down Water Street, having a drink at each bar.  The Quarry Tap Room, The Liberal Cup, The Easy Street Lounge, etc.

Without a doubt, no pub crawl through Hallowell would be complete without a stop at the Hydeout At The Wharf.  It looks like that may be about to change, though.

For over four decades the bar, which is located in the basement of a Water Street building, has been serving up drinks and live music for people out for a night in Hallowell.  The bar has, over the decades, become an important part of the community.  It is the kind of place where lifelong friendships are made.  But, according to Spectrum News, that all may be about to change because the bar needs to find a new home.

Wayne Hyde, who has owned the bar for about four years, says the impending sale of the building where it is housed means the establishment will need to move.  Apparently, the current owner is not willing to give the establishment a new lease.

It is the latest in a series of unfortunate events that have recently befallen the bar, which is known for its live music.  Due to the fact that it is located very close to the Kennebec River, the establishment frequently floods in the winter and spring.  And, of course, the forced closure caused by the pandemic did not help matters, either.

Hyde says he has looked at several potential locations for the bar and has reportedly been in contact with the City of Gardiner.

What about the building where the bar is currently located?  Back in October of 2020, officials in Hallowell gave approval for the building to be turned into condos.  Most likely, whoever buys the building will proceed with that plan.

We wish Mr. Hyde the best in his search.  For now, the Hydeout at The Wharf remains open in its current location.  For more info about their entertainment lineup, check out their Facebook page.

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