If you are a regular visitor to Maine's fairs and festivals, there is a good chance you have had a snack from Pinky D's.  Arguably the most well known food truck in central and southern Maine, Pinky D's serves up poutine.

Poutine, for those who don't know, is a French Canadian snack that (traditionally) features fries and gravy covered in cheese curd.

According to a post on the Pinky D's Facebook page, they are expanding with a new truck.  However, instead of focusing on the savory, this new truck will serve up sweet treats.

Beach Betti will be traveling Maine serving up "Betti Bombs".  Basically, they are whoopie pies with an ice cream filling.  Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

The post says, in part:

BIG news….our little sister has arrived! Beach Betti will be out and about this summer. Born, raised and built on the beaches of California, we are keeping the cool summer vibe with it. The new truck will be selling Betti Bombs…. A whoopie pie with ice cream filling. It’s a super sized ice cream sandwich more or less.

You can follow Beach Betti for more information.

If you are familiar with Pinky D's food truck, you may not know about Pinky D's Poutine Factory in Auburn.  Yes, the company also has a restaurant on Minot Ave in Auburn.  It appears the business shares a building with Side By Each Brewing Company.  They are open Wednesday through Sunday

So, look for Beach Betti this summer and get more details on their website.

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