This was a fun conversation during the Morning Buzz.  You see, there's this couple that has visited every single Cracker Barrel in the US!  Took them 40 years.  Andy and I started wondering this very question and Andy immediately said 'Chick-Fil-A'.  

I agreed.  Then changed it to something ice cream related, like Cold Stone Creamery.  But then was quickly influenced by a listener to switch to Sonic.  Then on my own, I switched to the Cheesecake Factory.  But, is there really a restaurant so fabulous, that it would be worthy of visiting all of its locations?

See, I think it would be fun to go state by state and try a restaurant that's original to the state its in.  Like Maine is known for seafood...go to a seafood place.  Texas...go to a BBQ place.  So on and so forth.

What restaurant would you want to visit all locations?  Answer below or on our Facebook

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