When it comes to restaurants, we all have our opinions.  Every one of us has a favorite restaurant for a burger, a favorite restaurant for chicken tenders, and a favorite restaurant for breakfast.

This is true for what we consider the most famous restaurant in the State of Maine.

Recently, the website Love Food put out their list of the most famous restaurants in each state.  For Maine, they chose the incredibly hard to get a reservation for Lost Kitchen.  Owned and operated by Erin French, the chef's table restaurant is located in the woods of Freedom, Maine and the establishment has gained an incredible following.

But, is The Lost Kitchen, really the most famous restaurant in Maine?  We disagree!

It is the opinion of (some of) our staff that the most famous restaurant in Maine is Dysart's Truck Stop in Hermon.

A truck stop?  Really?  Yes!

Located right off I-95, Dysart's has been the go-to for truckers, tourists, and 20-somethings recovering from a night out for decades.  And, even though the restaurant is no longer open 24 hours a day, they still serve up some amazing meals.  Meatloaf, pot roast, pancakes, chicken tenders, fries, soups, and pies...  Oh yeah, they also have that pot pie with the "buttery flaky crust".

Speaking of which, can you think of another Maine restaurant that has been spoofed in a Saturday Night Live skit?  Yeah, we didn't think so!

Here's the bloopers from the real commercial:

Here's the SNL skit:

Here's the ACTUAL finished commercial:

The Dysart's restaurant is open daily from 6 AM to 8 PM.  Check out some of their offerings HERE

So, do you agree?  If not, what would your pick for the most famous restaurant in Maine be?  Let us know by sending us a message inside our radio station app.  Just open up the app and tap the chat button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

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