I know it may not be one of those sugery cereals that the kids piuns for when you go down the cereal aisle but for us some of us Grape-Nuts hit the spot that you needed to fill in the morning, or the evening, or in ice cream, my personal favorite way to enjoy Grape-Nuts.

So, when the Grape-Nuts shortage was announced and confirmed suspiscions that there was some problems brewing at the Post factory...that not only had me on edge but the entire nation, I'm pleased to report the issue has been resolved.

Grape-Nuts will start shipping at normal levels by mid-March, according to a post, no pun intended on it's website:

"We are sorry you are having a difficult time locating this product, we would like to inform you it has NOT been discontinued. We are currently experiencing a product shortage where we are not able to fill orders for this item due to adjustments in our production schedules and production availability. We expect this product to be back on most store shelves sometime in March 2021. We are sorry for any inconvenience this situation may have caused you. We are continuing to work to get all items back on store shelves as soon as possible."

Post is even running a contest where you can win free Grape-Nuts for a year according to it's Facebook page.

Yes, we know with more people home, and more people eating breakfast at home....cereal is now a hot item once again. Rumor has it that even Corn Flaks and Frosted Flakes are having similar issues.

As long as things clear up by summertime so I can head over to my favorite ice cream scoop shop and order a Grape-Nuts ice cream, all will be well once again.

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