Can you imagine not being able to taste what you are eating?  Or what about not being able to smell things properly. Not only is it a safety hazard not being able to smell things like a fire, but it just downright stinks... or it doesn't? LOL.

Either way, I haven't been able to taste or smell anything since November 11th of 2020. Why did I lose my sense of taste and smell? Well, you see, I had the good ole Coronavirus, and I'm not talking about a hangover from the alcoholic beverage. I had the real deal.

Over these past 9 months, I have had some of the strangest senses. The leather seat in my new car would smell like a mixture of random chemicals. Often red meat or eggs would smell and taste completely rotten. Seriously random things just smelled awful.

I don't know when it happened or what triggered it, but yesterday I fully regained my sense of smell and taste. That's right; it took me 9 and a half months. I'd say I lost 9 and a half months of delicious food, but in the end, I'm just thankful to have it all back.

This Hidden Gem Is The Best Place To Find Oddities In New England

Do you love finding that strange yet super unique and downright odd item? Are you a collector of all things oddity? If so, then you NEED to check out this hidden gem in Central Maine.

If you've driven Route 17 between Rockland and Augusta, you may have seen the place I'm talking about without even realizing it. Set in the small town of Coopers mills, you'll find Elmer's Barn, and it is seriously the best place to find odd hidden gems.

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Here are a dozen really easy to make (well, most of them are easy to make) summer cocktails. If you REALLY want to play bartender, the Maine spirits website has THOUSANDS of recipes.

9 Fun & Cheap Activities To Keep Your Family Busy This Summer

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