How has it been a whole year since I cracked the microphone for my very first day on Buzz and Kristi in the Morning? Can you believe it? The small-town girl who had zero radio experience before accepting this job, and I've made it a whole year.

It's been a total of 365 days. And, in those 365 days, I've grown in ways I didn't even know was possible. I found something I'm passionate about, and that's working with the public and inspiring others to find their truest self. I've found a family within the walls of my workplace, something I never saw coming. I faced some of my biggest fears and conquered things I never thought possible. I attended some of the most awe-inspiring events that one can attend. And, I even went to a bar for the very first time.

But, If I'm honest, the one thing that truly made a difference in my life this year was our annual Camp Out Hunger food drive. And no joke, when I say it truly changed my life in the best way possible. Seeing our community come together and help feed those in need was the most heartfelt experience I've ever been a part of. In a year, I watched my life come full circle.

Here are a few pictures of my first year on the radio.

Kristi's 1 Year



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