With summer approaching faster then I even realized, and with all local fairs officially canceled due to the corona virus pandemic, I've been hit with a sense of sadness that I never imagined I would feel.

Many who know me, know that before my entrance into radio, my typical Summers brought me all over the state as I helped my parents run their concession stand business. They have multiple stands and sell anything from Cotton Candy and Candy Apples to Sausage Subs and my personal favorite Lemonade.

I'll hop in and run any one of their stands and do it with pride because its part of who I am.  It's in my blood.  But, if I get to choose which stand I work, and I often get first pick (perks of being their longest standing employee), I will 100% of the time pick the lemonade stand! I have long standing relationships with my customers and most even refer to me as the Lemonade Lady.



Instead of looking at the (Lemonade) cup as half empty, I decided to brighten mine and my coworkers day by bringing a full cup of freshest squeezed lemonade right to them. No fairs? No worries ladies and gentleman the Lemonade Lady's got your fix.

Huge shout out to C&D concessions for donating all of the product and for letting me borrow everything I needed to bring a little taste of the fair to my wonderful co-workers!


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