I don't know about you, but if I try a new restaurant or fast food place, and I'm not a fan, I rarely give them a second chance. I know, I should be more willing to give places a second chance. Believe me, if it's a customer service issue, i'll totally go back because not every server offers the same service, I just have a hard time thinking that if I didn't like the food, why would I suddenly like it the next go around?
For years and years now, my husband has repeatedly requested Arby's for dinner. Now, I love me some delicious fast food, so don't think I'm above a little drive thru action. However, roughly 10 years ago Stephen and I were on a date day road trip and he convinced me that Arby's is soooooooo good and we just needed to eat there. Spoiler, it sucked! It was so awful I ignored the fact that we even had a location local to us.
Over the past few weeks with this whole pandemic, our options have dwindled and we are constantly eating the same things over and over again. As you can imagine that gets old real quick. HaHa. Stephen mentioned Arby's a few times and I would just glare at him.. like how dare you mention them of all places, I'D RATHER COOK!
However last night while having date night, "Let's go to Arby's" popped right out of my mouth. With almost Instant regret, I knew now was the best time to reconsider my thoughts on good ol' Arb's. While sitting in the really long drive thru line I tried my best shot at getting out this spur of the moment decision. My super sweet Husband got that smirk on his face like nope we're here and you're eating it. Insert eye roll here. LOL.
Guys, you'll never guess.. I LOVED IT!
Like I may even like it better then some other well known local fast food chains. I didn't even make my order crazy, just went with a basis crispy chicken sandwich, lettuce and mayo- hold the tomato, and a side of curly fries. I'm the kinda girl that likes ketchup for my fries but I also like to dip them in sweet and sour sauce. Arby's doesn't offer a sweet and sour sauce, but they did have what they call Bronco Berry sauce... It was the yummiest fry dipping sauce I've tried to date!
Long story short friends, I'll be trying Arby's full menu over the next few weeks.  I'll even be sure to give those other restaurants I wrote off a second chance!
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