Some day's I just don't feel like cooking.. Today is one of those days!  Lets be real here, most days I don't feel like cooking, but we've gotta eat. LOL

After we finished up dinner last night, I already knew what my dinner plans for today would be. I looked right at my husband Stephen and firmly said "We are having ice cream for dinner tomorrow!". You may have guessed, he didn't argue. Haha.

We have a few favorite local ice cream stands, however not all of them offer dairy-free options where I am able to join in on the yummy goodness. The Ice Cream Shoppe in Randolph, just happens to be close to home and they have a few different super delicious dairy-free ice cream alternatives. Win Win in my book!

The Ice Cream Shoppe
The Ice Cream Shoppe


It doesn't matter if the rain is falling or the sun in shining, I still got to treat my kids with ice cream for dinner!


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