Today is the day, the day kids head back to school, and man o man, it seemed like it took forever to arrive. Most kids have been out of school for what seems like the most prolonged summer vacation of our lives. And, as much as other parents and I have enjoyed every extra minute that we got to spend with our kids, the kids are the ones who've missed out. Okay, maybe we didn't enjoy every minute, but you get what I'm saying. Lol.

This year is a hard one for me, though; we are splitting our selves down the middle to make sure both of our kids get what they need. Our son will start homeschooling next week, but today is the day our daughter starts 8th grade.

Yep,8th grade. Excuse me for a minute while I cry in the corner because it's Belle's last first day of middle school. I'm sad that she's not getting the full experience of her middle school years, but I'm thankful that she doesn't know any different and that she is so great at looking at the cup half full. I'm so proud of how determined Belle is, no matter what the situation, she is going to make it the best year possible.



I can't believe how much she has changed from the very first year that she attended public school in 3rd grade to her as an 8th grader today.

I'd like to wish all students and teachers a wonderful school year. And, If you're a parent with school-age children, know you are on my mind because this is all new to every single one of us, and we are in this together.

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