They may not think so, but I owe my life to Adam Page and his wife Celina.  I met Celina when I was first diagnosed with Chiari Malformation.  She spoke to me about her journey with this terrible disease and the various doctors who helped her.  Celina is kind and gentle and sweet with a goal to not try and push me in any specific direction with my personal experience.  

I later went on to see several doctors in Maine and Massachusetts.  Through a social media group, for chiari, I met Adam.  I had my surgery scheduled at Mass General.  Adam gently encouraged me to get a second opinion from a specialist in New York.  To this day, I'm so grateful that I took his advice.  Adam and Celina have continued to be a source of support for me.

Now, I want to pay it forward, sort of, and share an incredible thing that Adam is doing for his wife, Celina, and anyone else dealing with chiari malformation and EDS (a connective tissue disorder that is best friends with chiari).

What started as a work challenge, but Adam has now turned into a personal goal, he is walking one million steps in the month of May.  That will equal approximately, 17-20 miles a day.  This is a HUGE commitment.  But his heart and passion for those people in the chiari/eds community are what drive him to meet his goal.

May is EDS awareness month.

This is beautiful, Adam, and the chiari/eds community thanks you!

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