Those bad, bad storms yesterday did a number at our house. During the storm, we watched the lightning and the rain coming in sideways. Then I realized we had to close a few windows...OOPS!

But around 4:30, we weren't smiling.

We lost power.

And we lost it for 7 1/2 hours. I had not yet readied myself for the Bee A Country Star qualifying round at the Silver Street Tavern. How could I shower, dry my hair and look presentable in time?

It wasn't easy. On my way to the Tavern, I turned the heat up full blast in the car and was able to dry my hair. My clothes were still wet in the washing machine so I had to find something else to wear.

After the contest, I called Chad to find out if we had power yet and he answered no. Candles were lit and it looked very romantic! The power snapped on and off a few times before it came on completely.

However, we had no water. I guess I used it all with my shower!  After Chad checked the breaker and went to YouTube to see videos of fixing water tanks, he thought of something else. I said I remember seeing a valve with numbers near the tank.  Chad went over and, sure enough, primed it and fixed the pressure. He really does know how to fix everything. I don't know what I would do without him. I asked him, how do you KNOW things like that. He said "Honestly, I have no idea."

So, the dishwasher ran, laundry was started, showers were taken, toilets were flushed, teeth were brushed, animal water bowls filled and a drink of water was consumed all before bed.

What would we do without indoor plumbing? It really is amazing how much water we use.

Photo by Sharon Buck