You've been waiting all year for this! This week, you've been cleaning your gun, finding your heat packets for your boots and hands, siting your rifle, heading to Hussey's to buy ammunition, dousing things with 'deer in heat' scents...

You're a hunter.

And proud of it!

Maine Deer Hunting season starts tomorrow and the hunters are all busy getting ready. They'll be waking up at 3am to head to their or their friend's tree stand to wait for Bambi, his mother or his father to come out of the mist. That hardly EVER happens...but you can dream, can't you?

There is a spot in your house on a wall just WAITING for your trophy buck. You think about the tips grandpa or dad told you. You have been out in the woods looking for signs they have been around like deer tracks, piles of poop, tree rubbings...

Hunter's breakfasts will be plentiful in the area. Signs will be at local churches and grange halls: All You Can Eat For $7 or so...Just remember not to let bacon drip on your shirt. That could tip a deer off.

Good luck to all the male and female hunters out there! And because you love it so much, here's the 'Turdy Point Buck' from Bananas at Large just for YOU!