This is the time of the year that food banks are looking for your help. If you didn’t have a chance to donate to the ‘Tanksgiving’ food drive, there is still always time to help out.

There is always the debate: is food better than money or vice versa? Either way making the donation to help is the most important thing. A lot of people wonder what to donate when giving food. On bangordailynews food pantry’s would like to see food donation come from the store rather than cleaning out your food pantry. The reason is expiration dates. Store bought would more than likely have a longer expiration date than something that has been sitting on the shelf in your house for a while.

If you’re looking for food items to donate here are a few things that are suggested: think anything non-perishable like cereal, canned soup, jarred pasta sauce, pasta, toilet paper, toothbrushes, tooth paste, shampoo and conditioner and money.

There is more of a need this year than ever with most food banks spending more this year than ever before.

The Good Shepard Food Bank distributes more than 23 million pounds of donated and purchased food a year to 16 counties in the state. The Good Shepard Food bank is one food bank that needs money donations from individuals more than food donations.

This is the time of year that food banks could use volunteers too. Some food banks need volunteers more than they need donation.

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