We can all use a little light and positivity in our lives right now, and I'm here to give you just that. This story is out of Bangor Maine and how one man reunited with his lost furry friend.

According to the Bangor Humane Society Facebook page, one of their furry friends found its forever home, the best part its the home he used to live. A man by the name of Theron went into Bangor Hunmae Society in hopes of finding a new furry friend after his cat, Sweetie Pie, had been missing for longer than a week.

While browsing the cats, trying to find that instant connection to know which cat would soon be his new furry friend, Theron came upon a fluffy gray and white cat, which was the same colors as his Sweetie Pie. After a closer look, Theron realized this cat didn't just look like his Sweetie Pie; It was his Sweetie Pie!

I love when fairytale events happen to real-life people and pets. Someone knew just how badly Theron needed Sweetie Pie and how in turn, she needed him to.


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