This morning, Buzz and Kristi discussed Maine words that out-of-staters have a hard time pronouncing. Big or Small some Maine words just don't roll of your tongue.

Here are some of the words you brought to our attention and the correct way to say them:

Saco is Pronounced (SOCK-o) not (Sack-o)

Calais is Pronounced (Cal-us) not (CAL-lay)

Katahdin is Pronounced (Kuh-TA-din) not (Kat-ah-DIN)

Megunticook is pronounced (Muh-GUN-tuh-cook) not (MEG-unti-cook)

Topsham is pronounced (TOPS-’m) not (Top-Sham)

Bangor is Pronounced (Bang-gor) not (Bang-ger)

Minot Is Pronounced (My-nuht) not (Min-ute)

Ogunquit is Pronounced (o-GUN-quit) not (OW-gun-quit)

Smyrna is Pronounced (SMer-Na not (Smear-na)

Medomak is pronounced (Muh-DOM-ick) not (Med-O-mack)

I learned that you actually don’t need to be an out-of-stater to pronounce some of these words wrong.  I was born and raised here in the good ol’ state of Maine and I still cannot pronounce most of these words properly.


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