Why travel to New York to see Niagara Falls when you can visit Niagara Falls in Maine?! The best part about these waterfalls is more nature, fewer tourists! 

One of the easiest hikes in Baxter State Park will take you to Big and Little Niagara Falls. About 2.4 miles round trip the trail to the falls is relatively flat with the biggest challenge being large roots and rocks, but it's worth the journey.

Amanda McDonald, Townsquare Media
Amanda McDonald, Townsquare Media

You will feel your excitement build as you approach the falls as you can hear them thundering from a great distance away! Begin this hike by parking in the Daisey Pond Trail parking lot most easily accessed by the Togue Pond Gate. From the campground at Daisey Pond you only have a little more than a miles hike and you are there! Make sure you stay on the Appalachain Trail to get to the falls, the trail for Daisey Pond is nice and scenic as well but branches off in a different direction than where you want to go.

The first falls you will come to is Little Niagara. It may not be tall but it is long! In the warmer months some chose to take a dip here, although we can't recommend that.

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Big Niagara is just a little further down the trail but with bigger sights to see. This waterfall is tall and loud! Make sure you have your camera, you'll want it! We recommend bringing a lunch to have on the rocks near Little Niagara where there are plenty of flat spots to sit and a view of Katahdin.

A map and more details on the trail to the waterfalls can be found here.

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