Spring training baseball is underway with the hope of every team to make it to the World Series. It seems every year on the final day of the season there are a few teams vying for the final spots that will get them into the post season.

With that in mind Major League Baseball has created a ‘Playoff Scramble’ to add more drama to the final day of the season. All 15 games played on the final day of the season will start at the same time. The thought is that every game will have an impact on teams trying to get in the playoffs.

With all games starting at the same time on Sunday, October 4th, there won’t be any score-board watching. With the wild-card scenarios, a lot of teams could be going after the final spots in the post season, and with all the games stating at the same time, no team will know what the other has done. It should create more excitement for major League Baseball on the final day of the season.

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