A man in England must really love his pet gold fish, so much so, he just spent $465 to have his three inch fish operated on. The 50 minute operation was performed by vet Faye Bethel who had to unclog the fish when it became constipated.

The two and half year old gold fish needed the operation or it surely would have died. According to the vet the hardest part of the procedure was administering the anesthesia, as far as the operation went, it was quite simple. The owner noticed the fish couldn’t poo (don’t ask me how) so he took his pet gold fish to the vet where they found two lumps close to the fish’s backside and removed them.

A gold fish can live up to 10 years so the owner thought spending the money for the operation was worth it. When the operation was completed she used three stitches and a special waterproof glue to close the cut. The fish made a complete recovery and is back home with its owner.