On the Spanish Island of Tenerife there was a report that a 400 pound gorilla escaped from the zoo by panicked members of the town. A vet was called to tranquillize the beast and get it back to the zoo. He found the gorilla, shot it, and then found out it wasn’t a gorilla after all.

The gorilla in question was a zoo employee dressed in a gorilla suit as the zoo was holding a mock emergency drill in case one of the animals did actually escape. The vet, on the job for only two months, mistook the 35 year old man and hit him with enough tranquillizer to, well, take down a 400 pound gorilla.

The man had to be rushed to the hospital and was in serious condition suffering from an allergic reaction to the tranquillizer. He is expected to make a full recovery.

And I think the vet is going to get a new pair of glasses!