Sad times for lovers of McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes. They are going away to the big burger barn in the sky. So long Mushroom & Swiss, see you around Bacon Smokehouse. The chicken versions are doomed too! But, say hello with all your affection to the new improved Quarter Pounders!

According to a statement issued by the company:

"Our customers have said they love our fresh beef*. With our new Quarter Pounder®** Deluxe and Quarter Pounder®** Bacon, we’ve introduced even more ways to enjoy the classic burger toppings they know and love, now on the fresh beef* Quarter Pound patty. Based on their feedback, we’ll move away from the Signature Crafted Recipes line on our national menu. Our fresh new Quarter Pounder®** lineup brings customers more of the craveable, customizable and delicious tastes they love"

Expect the expanded Q.P. line to feature the deluxe, which adds lettuce, tomato and a shot of mayo. And of course the already primed...Quarter Pounder with Bacon, step aside limited time offering, you're in the big leagues now ...full-time!