What started as a way for clients working out at the gym to get a post workout protein shake has turned into a full business open to the public. Elev8 Enery and Nutrition opened in February 2020 and has been growing strong ever since. They were so successful when they opened they sold out and needed to close for a few days just to restock.

The business was started by Richard Eaton and Hunter Grindle and is not your average smoothie and juice bar. Elev8 Energy and Nutrion offers not only low calorie flavored teas with intriguing names such as “snake bite” and “mother of dragons” but also has protein smoothies, energy rich snacks, protein coffees (what an amazing concept), sandwiches and salads. Their Facebook page also just announced they will be offering breakfast sandwiches!

Elev8 Enery and Nutrition

They offer daily specials like the “unicorn”, “habiscis passion fruit” and “blue nova”. It is not unusual for these specials to sell out. They also announced on their Facebook page that you can sign up for their loyalty program and get daily emails. That makes life easy, I like things easy and delicious.

They are also family friendly! They have seating if you want to enjoy you meal and tea right there. They offer kids sized drinks (without the caffeine) and support the community in many ways.

This Is a great example of a small local business doing well in spite of the obstacles. Buy local and support your local businesses. Stop by and check them out.


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