Jake Owen is an interesting case, uber talented and has achieved success, but always seems to find himself as a tier 2 talent, behind acts like Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. I fully believe he should be on their level, seeing him twice as both an opening act and as a headliner, I believe he has everything you need in an artist. But for some reason his talent is overlooked. Whether it is album sales, or touring, he never gets the recognition he deserves.

Back in late 2013 he released "Days of Gold" an album that had the potential to release multiple #1 hits in my opinion, but only released 3 songs. One of which went to #1, but the other 2 barely cracked the top 20. Unfortunately for him, he released it around the same time as Luke Bryan's smash hit album, Crash My Party, which saw 6 songs released from it, all of them being top 5 hits, most of which went to number 1.

So i'm taking this time to introduce you to 2 songs that I think you would enjoy to give Jake Owen a second look. Tipsy, and Ghost Town, my picks for the best songs on the album, other songs to look up: Life of the Party, and Drivin' all night.

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