For many the true sign of spring is getting out and getting a line in. Let's face it, who really needs an excuse to go fishing? But once ice is out, early spring fishing in Maine can be frustrating. March, April, and May also offer some of the best cold water fishing...if you know where and what to look for.

For starters, the Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Department does a great job at getting the fish stocked early and often, if you don't have the stocking report link bookmarked to see where the fish have been recently stocked you could be missing out on some easier prospects.

Although I love the idea of following the stocked fish report I also look forward to the Rainbows spawning, May is the time for that and with the the blue wing olives starting to hatch, it's fly fishing time.

Perhaps the cold water fish is not your thing, maybe you're more of a warm water bass fanatic with the need for big action, that will be coming along soon enough too as the waters start warming.

A buddy of mine doesn't even put a line in until June, he spends all the spring scouting out the best holes, the lore of stories over the winter.

That's what spring fishing is all about, it is different for each one of us, but at the very least get out there and enjoy some fresh air and indulge in some of the many resources at our door step.

Do spend some time at the DIFW website, they truly do an amazing job at disseminating information for the angler, from scouting reports, to lake surveys, to detailed info on Maine's fish.

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